24 February 2009


So things have been pretty good in my life lately. I've just been flat out exhausted after last week at work. Wasn't the greatest week I've ever worked. Usually if I have any bad times at work it is only a day here and there. Last week kicked my ass though. Probably had something to do with getting bit by a dog and then scratched to hell by two different cats (I love my job, I really do, even if it is a little dangerous). Things are going better this week (despite getting scratched again today) especially after I got enough sleep.

Found out a couple of days ago that some of my coworkers are more open-minded then I thought. Including one of the more religious people there. I was pretty shocked. Two of my coworkers and I were in the break room having lunch and R was reading the article in People magazine about the transgender mayor in Silverton, OR. She made a comment about the article and I made mention of the fact that the guy didn't seem to much of a transsexual. B agreed and said he was more of a crossdresser. The guy referred to himself as he, still went by the male name Stu, and basically still considered himself male. Just liked to dress as a woman. Anyways, the conversation turned to transsexuals in general and both R and B had no problems with transsexuals. B said she really doesn't care what someones orientation or identity is, she just didn't want to hear the details. Now the only question is, are they really OK with it or does it change if it is someone they know? Guess we'll find out at some point. So all in all things are going well right now.