05 July 2009

It's been awhile...

Alright, so I got caught up in studying for the test and life in general... Plus I couldn't really come up with something to make a blog post out of. Still having a difficult time with that so this post will mainly be a catch-up sort of post.

First off, the vet tech test is finished. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the results to come out, which will be in another 4-6 weeks...

Second, my girlfriend and I had to euthanize our old girl on the 27th of June. Her pain meds weren't really doing much for her anymore and we could tell it was time. The day we decided to let her go was one of the better days she had had for quite some time. Amber spoiled her with food that day while I worked (have to work a half-day on Saturdays) and when I came home, I played ball with her and cuddled with her. One of the vets I work with came out to the house so we didn't have to take her into the clinic where Jonna always stressed. We gave her some sedation so everything would go really smooth and the sedation kicked in very quickly... Quicker than sedation given in the muscle usually takes. We figure there must have been something else going on with her like a mass somewhere. We said our goodbyes and held her as she passed away. After she was gone, we let our younger dog, Piper, come out and see her so he would know she was gone. He was pretty depressed the next morning and wanted cuddles the entire day. We're all doing better now and it was for the best.

Third, my mom and sister are out of the country and I will be picking up my mom from the airport tomorrow (sister doesn't come back for another month). This will also be the time that I tell my mom that I am transitioning... We'll play it by ear and see how things work out. If there is a good time to do this in person, I'll do it then. If there isn't a time before she drives back home, I have a letter that I will slip into her suitcase for her to read when she gets home... Either way, I will be coming out to my mom this week. Here's to hoping everything goes okay... Also, probably going to be starting T within the next month or two. Just need to make an appointment with the doctor/nurse practitioner couple my counselor recommended. Amber just went to them for a routine visit and while she was there, asked them if they would be able to get me started on T... Turns out, they've helped other FtMs in the past... Things are looking good from that prospective.

We went rafting with a group of my coworkers and their significant others yesterday and had a blast. I was a little bit nervous as I have not come out at work and was going to be wearing board shorts and a muscle shirt. I stopped shaving months ago and the female coworkers are very feminine and straight in every sense of the word. Things went well though and I was in a raft with my one male coworker (excluding the vets), his girlfriend and sister, sister's friend, and Amber. We all had so much fun, especially when we decided to splash the other raft. Damn I'm glad I wasn't in that raft... You would have thought those girls came to the river to stay dry... Had so much fun that Amber and I are thinking of going out in a smaller raft sometime soon.

I think that is all that I have to talk about for the moment. Looking back, I guess I had more to write about than I thought... Now that life is calming down, I'll try to update this blog more frequently.