08 September 2009

Catching Up

So I haven't been updating this blog as often as I probably should. Here's a brief recap of the past 2-3 weeks:

-Got my first injection on the 13th of August. Didn't really feel any pain from the injection itself but about 7 hours later, stood up and almost fell because my injection site leg suddenly buckled underneath me. Leg was very sore for the next few days.

-Was supposed to go have a nurse watch me inject myself on the 27th of August. Received a phone call about 5 minutes before I was ready to head out for my appointment telling me not to come in because the doctor was uncomfortable about something. Turns out the supervising doctor was uncomfortable with IM injections, especially self-injecting and wanted me to try the cream instead. My main concerns were effectiveness, mess, and cost. My NP did some research before she got back to me and even found a compounding pharmacy that would prepare the cream at a low cost. 2 months worth of cream for $39.

-Picked up the cream on the 4th of September and started it that night when I got home from work. Am now applying the cream in the mornings after I shower. After about a month, month and a half, I am supposed to go back to see my NP to discuss how I am feeling on the cream and do some bloodwork to evaluate how my body is responding to the cream... We'll see how it goes.

-Came out at work at the beginning of the week I started T. Everything is going pretty well at the moment. The majority of my coworkers are completely supportive of whatever I choose to do. One coworker apparently reacted very badly to being informed of what I am doing. We'll see how well that continues to go. My coworkers are working on calling me Em or Emmett when they address me and I am getting a new name tag made that says Emmett.

-I passed my test for Vet Tech certification but have run into a hang up on getting the actual license in my possession. Apparently the class I took in college for radiology is not sufficient for the board's radiation safety requirement... Meaning I have to take a 20 hour class held over 2 days to get a stupid certificate that says I have taken a class for radiation safety... Ugh. I am going to be bored off my ass. The board won't issue me my license until I fax them a copy of the certificate. Next class is scheduled for next week so at least there is that.

Other than that, not much is happening. I've been updating my youtube account more frequently than this one. Check it out for any happenings: