13 August 2009


I have a youtube channel where I will be posting videos in conjunction with this blog. It is mainly for tracking voice changes but I will be giving updates on life in general on there as well. If you want to check it out, here's the link:

I got my first injection today! Check out the youtube video for more information. Catch y'all later!

06 August 2009

I'm Alive! Really!

I apologize in advance for not having updated my blog in a while... Plenty to write about though! So without further ado, the updates!

To start things off, I finally came out to my family, namely my mom, on the 6th of July. She came back from the Europe trip and took Amber and I out to dinner. That was stressful... Wanted to talk to her in person that night but she was so exhausted that she passed out shortly after dinner. I ended up writing her a note that I slipped into her bag when I took it out to the car in the morning. She apparently took it rather hard even though it wasn't entirely unexpected. I gave her some time to process her emotions and everything else. My mom wrote me an email that Thursday (the 9th) but unfortunately I didn't see it until about 10 that night (stupid power went out for a couple hours that day... grrrr) and quickly wrote her a short email. Would have like to have said more in the email but I was rather exhausted... The short story of the whole coming out business with my mom is that she doesn't quite understand but is at least accepting. She is trying to use different pronouns and wasn't sure about the name... Amber and I told her that most of our friends that know just call me M... She seemed to toss it around a bit. So far she's kind of avoiding using a name... At least she's trying.

Next topic... I passed my test to become a certified veterinary technician! Now just have to finish the last few things for the state of Oregon and then it will be official.

And last but not least... I saw the nurse practitioner who will be getting me started on T. Got to get blood drawn for some blood work prior to starting T but the prescription will be called in shortly. I go back next Thursday for the first injection and to be taught how to do self-injections! Things are moving fast now! Everything is finally starting to fall into place... Need to start the paperwork to begin the name change process. I plan on telling work after my first injection. Amber helped me take pre-T measurements, pics, and a video clip showing me prior to T. I plan to starting doing clips periodically to see the difference with T. Now that I'm actually going to be physically starting the transitioning process, I promise to update my blog more frequently. On that note, I leave you with the clip of me now: