03 November 2009

Moving to Portland

So I've found a great job in Portland and will be moving up there this weekend. My life has been filled with trips to and from Portland, packing to get up there and moving friends to new places as well. The place I will be working at knows I am trans and is very cool with it. I told the office manager during our very first interview over the phone and she just wanted to know if it would effect my work at all and if I prefer male pronouns and what name. She has been so great in working with me. She's only introduced me as Emmett and using male pronouns when referring to me. It is so nice to be know just as Emmett and male. I did give permission for her to tell the staff about my situation to avoid any confusion. I would prefer people know that I am trans rather than have a day where I have problems binding or something like that and it becomes rather obvious that I am not fully male. Plus I would like to open the doors for people to become more knowledgeable about trans issues.

Once we are settled in Portland, I plan on filling the papers for a legal name change. I have decided to change my name to Emmett Liam. The middle name Liam being a nod to my mother who was thinking of ways to kind of include part of my birth name into a new name. I've always liked the name Liam too so it works.

I think that's all the time I have for now as I need to continue packing for the move. I'll update again once we're all settled in.