09 March 2010

Changing Name at the DMV

Went to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles today to get the name changed on my license now that I have the certified copies of the decree. And I have to say that this was probably the best experience I have ever had at a DMV office. Seriously.

I went into the office and up to the lady at the counter who gives you a number and any papers you need to fill out and she seemed to be in a fairly good mood, surprising for any DMV employee. She was quick and efficient, another surprise for DMV... I got the paper I needed and moved along in the line to fill it out. The guy behind me got his number and the lady told him he could join the line "behind the gentleman in the brown." I was wearing a brown button up shirt over a plain white tee today. The line was moving fairly quickly as well and I reached the front of the line in a short amount of time. I was called up to the counter by a gentleman, probably in his late-40s, early-50s, who seemed pretty nice. When I told him what I was there for and gave him all the papers he was going to need in order to prove I was who I said I was, he looked at the papers, blinked and said he was going to need someone to help him. He further explained that he hadn't been working there for very long and this was a new one for him. Very nice the entire time. Got another gentleman to come over and run him through the process. The second guy looked at the papers and asked if I was changing gender marker today as well (told him no as I haven't had surgery yet...) and told me what I would need when I was ready to change the marker. Got everything squared away in the computer, paid my replacement license fee, and headed over to the photo station. That was the part that took the longest. Had to wait for the operator to come back... When someone did come over to start processing photos, he was a really laid back kind of guy. The type of person who is the stereotypical surfer, right down to the speech. Cool guy. He got my new signature for the card and took the picture. Interesting difference between my photos... As Amber would say, in one photo I look like a complete dork and in the most recent one, look like I'm ready to kill someone. I'll post photos once I have my permanent card. Anyways, while we're waiting for the photo to make its appearance on his screen, he asks me "So, dude, how much is a name change now? It used to be $99 but I heard it really went up..." Told him how much and he responded with something about the type of timing I had, with a dude thrown in somewhere. Cost went up at the beginning of this year... What can I say? I've got great timing... Not...

So, a great experience at the DMV was had today. I was sort of nervous about how this was going to go as I've heard some guys having issues with getting records changed. Perhaps I've just found a really good area to live with people who have experience with transpeople...